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VCE Legal Studies examines the institutions and principles which are essential to Australia’s legal system. Students develop an understanding of the rule of law, law-makers, key legal institutions, rights protection in Australia, and the justice system.

Through applying knowledge of legal concepts and principles to a range of actual and/or hypothetical scenarios, students develop their ability to use legal reasoning to argue a case for or against a party in a civil or criminal matter. They consider and evaluate recent and recommended reforms to the criminal and civil justice systems, and engage in an analysis of the extent to which our legal institutions are effective and our justice system achieves the principles of justice. For the purposes of this study, the principles of justice are fairness (fair legal processes are in place, and all parties receive a fair hearing); equality (all people treated equally before the law, with an equal opportunity to present their case); and access (understanding of legal rights and ability to pursue their case).

The VCE study design is made up of four units:
Unit 1 : Guilt and liability
Unit 2 : Sanctions, remedies and rights
Unit 3 : Rights and justice
Unit 4 : The people and the law

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