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The study of Biology explores the diversity of life as it has evolved and changed over time, and considers how living organisms function and interact. It explores the processes of life, from the molecular world of the cell to that of the whole organism, and examines how life forms maintain and ensure their continuity. Students study contemporary research, models and theories to understand how knowledge in biology has developed and how this knowledge continues to change in response to new evidence and discoveries. An understanding of the complexities and diversity of biology provides students with the opportunity to appreciate the interconnectedness of concepts and areas both within biology, and across biology and the other sciences.

An important feature of undertaking a VCE science study is the opportunity for students to engage in a range of scientific investigation methodologies, to develop key science skills, and to interrogate the links between knowledge, theory and practice. Students work collaboratively as well as independently on a range of scientific investigations involving controlled experiments, fieldwork, case studies, correlational studies, classification and identification, modelling, simulations, literature reviews, and the development of a product, process or system. Knowledge and application of the safety and ethical guidelines associated with biological investigations is integral to the study of VCE Biology.

As well as increasing their understanding of scientific processes, students develop insights into how knowledge in biology has changed, and continues to change, in response to new evidence, discoveries and thinking. They develop capacities that enable them to critically assess the strengths and limitations of science, respect evidence-based conclusions and gain an awareness of the ethical contexts of scientific endeavours. Students consider how science is connected to innovation in addressing contemporary biological challenges.

The VCE study design is made up of four units:
Unit 1 : How do organisms regulate their functions?
Unit 2 : How does inheritance impact on diversity?
Unit 3 : How do cells maintain life?
Unit 4 : How does life change and respond to challenges?

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